Wednesday, November 7, 2012

learning how to share

"I don't know how to share!" This is what the little man always whines about when I tell him to share either a toy or food with his sister. I am not sure if he is serious or he just means he does not want to share. He does not like to share food with his father either. Just now, I am listening to them arguing over a bag of popcorn that the little man made me fix. They are watching tv sitting side by side in the couch. When the husband reached for a handful of popcorn the little man told him no. I have told him and explained how sharing works but I don't think he is ready just yet. If it was the little girl, she would just grab what she can then run away with it, lol. I let him see what I do to share whatever I have but he is not catching on yet. He will though. Eventually.

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