Thursday, November 8, 2012

it is time to start looking for presents

The holidays are coming. It is time to think about gifts for the kids. And for mommy as well, lol. I want another computer because my old one is getting, well, old. It is slow and stalls just when I need it to work. The little man said he wants an iPad but since it is very expensive he might not get it. Since the husband's computer quit working, he needs one too. I just don't know where we will get the money to buy what everybody needs. Anyway, the husband saw this samsung chromebook 2012 and he said he will be "alright" to have one. It is considerably cheaper than his old computer which he only uses to read the news and watch some videos from time to time.We still have to learn more about it before buying, if ever, though. We normally buy electronics for keeps so we have to make sure we are 100% in agreement with any purchase we make. If only money is not an issue, we could buy every fancy electronics we want. Maybe it will happen in the future, should we win the lottery :)

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