Friday, November 30, 2012

I need funds!

Every time the little man remembers about his game, he tells his father he needs funds. When I asked him what a fund is he told me it is money he can use to buy a game he wants for his 3DS. The husband told me to buy his son a reloadable debit(?) card but I forget every time I go to the store to get groceries. He is like that, he tells me to give the little man what he wants then when that particular something causes the little man to whine or get upset I get blamed for it. He then tells me not to get any more games. It is a cycle. It happens every time but we never learn our lessons it seems like because here we are doing it again. Here he is reminding me to buy his son a card he can use for his games so he then can whine when all the money gets used up or he whines because he could not win his game. I will take my sweet time getting that card though. If I am lucky, they both might forget about it so we can move on to better things. :D

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