Thursday, November 1, 2012

designer windbreaker

This is a long overdue post for Small Concept. I apologize for the delay but I have been busy with mommy duties lately. 

I received an Appaman windbreaker from Small Concept to review over a month ago. Small Concept is "a children's boutique that specializes in designer kids clothes". The first time I visited the website I was impressed with the kids clothes that were available to browse and buy. The store may not have the selection that of big department stores but the brands are, I think, impressive. Take for instance the windbreaker that the little man is wearing. It is so lightweight which is the best choice for a kid who does not like to wear bulky winter clothes. He has been wearing the windbreaker since it started getting cold. He said he loves it because it is light and also because it keeps him warm but not hot. You see, the little man dislikes to wear jackets or sweaters no matter how cold it is outside. It takes a lot of talking and sometimes threats of getting a cold for him to dress appropriately. I do not have a fight when I tell him he can wear the windbreaker when we go out. You can say it is his favorite "jacket" this year. The windbreaker has a zip in the collar that stores a hood. It makes it possible to hide the hood when it is not necessary to use it. 

I should say I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Small Concept. Its owner was very accommodating and so generous with samples (I got a dress for my little girl). I like it when she said she is passionate about her kids and grandchildren which basically helped her with the decision to start Small Concept. The store's mission "to provide quality products and deliver only the best in customer service" is an apt description of my experience.
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Anonymous said...

hehhe he looks good on his jacket mommy! i love the color too! he's seemed to be a shy boy in front of a camera.

Shydub said...

That jacket looks nice on him. gi snob ko ni small concept after asking what i want hehee

Jessica Cassidy said...

What a shy handsome boy he is Momi
:-) Looks cool in the jacket too :-)

jheylo said...

i actually emailed the small concept again asking for another product for my lil girl, she agreed and told me she has to check the availability of the size, since then she never replied to me. oh well! your boy is so shy hehehhe camera shy gihapon

Bless said...

Looking good on his jacket :-) He's camera-shy, Mommy? :-)

emzkie said...

that is very cute mommy. i love it! it fits him perfect.