Friday, October 12, 2012


Both of my kids are ticklish. They giggle like nuts when they see me with outstretched arms and wriggling fingers even before I touch them. What's so funny is that when we play the tickle game, they drop on the floor instead of running. Like, they give up even before the game started. When I so much as gently poke a body part they laugh until they are breathless. Really, there is not even a fight. So easy to conquer. Lol. I love this game so much because of the laughs and the reaction I see in their faces. Priceless! We do tend to get loud but the husband just overlooks it because he is getting used to it. Besides, I think he prefers it when we are loud, that way he knows what we are up to. He actually gets nervous when we three are quiet because we might be doing something we are not supposed to. Either that or we are not feeling good.

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