Tuesday, October 2, 2012

his mouth is sick

The little man came up to me last night saying his mouth hurts. I checked and saw his tonsils a bit swollen. His temperature was up so I gave him Tylenol and prayed he will get better. He slept good last night after eating a bowlful of mac and cheese which assured me somehow that the pain was not so bad because he ate. If you don't know it yet, my son is the world's biggest baby when he is sick. Worse now than when he was a baby. But I understand because his maternal grandfather is like that. I do have experience, lol. He did good though. Around midnight he started to sweat which was a good thing because that meant his fever was down. He was good the whole day today too. He told me his mouth still is sick but he is not whining about it. He did his usual routine of playing (and aggravating his sister) and he ate his meals without complaints. I do hope that he is on the mend. In as much as I worry about him, I do not want to bring him to the doctor if there is a possibility that home remedy will work. Now I am hoping the little girl will not get what the little man has, if in case it is a virus.

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