Wednesday, October 10, 2012

equestrian apparel

When I was younger, I was into movies and the latest celebrity news. I had my favorite love teams, actors, actresses, even child actors. But there was this celebrity who stood out and I did not even like her too much when she started. She got into movies, being discovered from doing commercials. She was really pretty and well mannered. It turned out she was a daughter of a multi-millionaire. You will never see her flaunt her wealth though. She did her thing with the movies but she was also an accomplished equestrian. She won awards and trophies on show jumping and other horse riding contests then she did her movies and more commercials until she finally quit. She is now married to a pro basketball player turned politician who she has kids with. The reason I remembered her is because I opened a website that sells rj classics equestrian apparel.It is amazing how a word or a product reminds you of something from your youth that is totally unrelated to anything you do today. I do this all the time that the husband thinks I am crazy, lol. Those were carefree days though :)

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