Sunday, October 21, 2012

chuck e. cheese

We went to Chuck E Cheese for the little man's birthday. This is only the second time the family stepped inside a CEC because we are not the type to bring our kids to places like this. The husband is the reason why we do not go plus my fear of the little man getting in trouble with other kids. I know, I am paranoid. Besides, there are really mean kids out there with equally mean parents. I just want to avoid trouble because I can be mean too when my kid is involved. It does not help that the first time we went we had a not so good experience either. But since it is the little man's birthday, we braved the crowd and we found out it was actually fun, lol. No, he did not ask for it. He did not even ask for a birthday present. We just wanted to do something different for his birthday. And it was his father's idea to bring the little man to CEC. We did not stay too long and we were fortunate enough that there were not that many families around. The little man had a blast. He said he enjoyed his special day. We talked about going back to Chuck E. Cheese on a school day so hopefully there will not be too many people. Maybe next time we will stay longer.

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