Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a very special day

Tomorrow is the little man's birthday. He has the date on a countdown (using his DSi) since last week. He is so happy he will be six years old. Like most kids, he wants to be older so he can do some things he is not allowed (or is controlled) to do. The husband asked me what my plans are for tomorrow so I told him I just want a little birthday cake for the little man to blow his birthday candles then let the kids make a mess. Then we can eat out but the little man has to decide on a restaurant. He is fine with that but he wants more, he said. I do not know his plans for tomorrow but I know he will eventually tell me. He has not told the little man yet just in case he changes his mind, at least he will not be blamed for planning then not going through with it. So, we will see when tomorrow comes. I know for sure the little man will not get an iPad. He has been wanting one but it is not on our budget right now. Besides, he does have a tablet so that should work for now. We might get him an iPad on his next birthday. That way, I have a whole year to save :)

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