Monday, September 24, 2012

personal messages

I had a conversation with an online friend yesterday about her work. She is a caregiver. She posted something and I reacted to it which ended with us sending each other personal messages on Facebook. It was about her job. She said she is working as a caregiver/personal assistant to an old woman who treats her very nice. She also told me that compared to her day job, this one is pretty easy and pays more money. Which could mean that she might not have to look at cheap scrubs online because the amount she told me should afford her several expensive scrub should she want it. But then she did say she needs to save for her future, so, who knows? I am happy for her. In fact, I am jealous of her earnings. I have always wanted to help the husband with our finances but I just have all kinds of excuses not to look for jobs at the moment. Maybe in time I will. I need to because the kids are growing and they have needs that we need to provide for.

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