Sunday, September 23, 2012

let's create! pottery

Is the new game that has the family going crazy lately. I started out buying the app on Nintendo Wii and DSi for the little man but the husband and I end up trying to figure out how to form those bowls (sorry, pottery) for him. He told us he got hired (or commissioned) by somebody to make a certain pottery design but "it is just too hard" (his words as of late for anything he does not want to do) so he bugs me and his father to make it for him. Thing is, I do not have any art-y bone in my body. It is hard for me to mix colors to come up with the right blend for his pots so he runs to his dad who dislikes to play games because he claims it is a waste of time. The little man is so persistent that the husband and I have to collaborate to come up with something as close as the model. We get rewarded with a "good job!" if we do it right but a whine and a complain if we don't. The husband told me to never buy games for the little man if this keeps on. I did not really know he will do this to us or I would not even have considered it. I have realized something with this experience though, the little man is a very demanding task master. He wants the end product to have five stars or close so it will get accepted and he will be paid more on his next project. He also is very persistent that in times that we cannot (read: refused to) help he tries his best until he perseveres. Then he brags about his accomplishment. I am hoping he will get the hang of this game so he will stop asking for help. But then I know that when it happens, he will be into other pursuits since he does not dwell on games too long once he masters it. Oh, well.

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