Friday, September 7, 2012


The little man and I were outside in the garden when he said he wanted to pick some flowers for me. We have marigolds so I let him pick the flowers which he then handed to me. He said they are so pretty. I agreed. Marigolds are pretty but I do not really like the smell. I told the husband that if I am to choose between marigolds and roses, I would go for the latter. He said I am picky, lol. I explained that I grew up in a place where people grew flowers and orchids not just because of the way they look but also for their fragrance. When the little man heard this, he said that there are orchids for sale online. Lol. I know that but I am not growing orchids because they require a bit of attention. I am not good at it because I forget things. I have plants in pots outside and the husband has to remind me to water them because they sometimes get too dry. I guess I should really not complain about the marigolds since they require minimal care.

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