Saturday, September 1, 2012

eating healthy

The little man has been "eating healthy". He said that it is necessary for him to be, well, healthy. I have the show Super Why to thank for that. See, I have been telling him to eat right and not just eat the food he likes which are mostly not good source of nutrients. He would not listen to me. It was always about what he likes over what is good for him. I had a picky eater so instead of letting him starve (he will not eat unless he likes the food that is served to him) I just let him eat what he wanted. Then there was this episode on Super Why that he watched that talked about eating right and eating healthy food. So he has been checking the food he eats. For a long time, he will not eat eggs regardless of how I cooked them. Now, he asks for eggs for breakfast. Eggs are healthy, see? No more sweet tea for him either. He said it is loaded with sugar and sugar is not good for him. He now drinks milk or apple juice. But only if the label on the container said no sugar added. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Imagine not having to argue with him over what food he needs to eat? He is now ready to try new food that he missed out eating when he was little because of being a picky eater. He tried rice a few times (just a little amount at a time), and is now ready to try the kind of food I like to eat as long as he likes the smell of it. He only eats little amount of the food that he has just started eating but I am not complaining. This is a vast improvement and a huge leap for him. It probably was not easy for him to do but he is doing it. My boy is eating variety of food and I am one happy mother.

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