Thursday, September 20, 2012

big plan

The little man used a trick to get us to give him money. While we were at the grocery store the other day, he asked if he can put stuff on the cart. The stuff that I am talking about are groceries that the husband and I thought we need at home. Every time we get an item from the shelf, the little man asked if he can put it in the cart. He was really careful too. You must know this is not a normal occurrence so the suspicious me asked him what was up. He then told me his plan. He will be a very helpful son (he said) and will help with chores and other things anytime he thinks we need it, in exchange for money. Where he got the idea I can only guess. But he was really serious about it. So I asked him what he needs the money for. He answered in gibberish and will not repeat it so we still do not know the entire plan. I hope he is saving for college but knowing my little man, it could be for a game or something he is not supposed to have yet. I guess I will wait until he is ready to us what he needs the money for. It will eventually come out. I cannot wait to learn what the big plan is.

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