Sunday, September 30, 2012

acoustic guitar

The little man owns an acoustic guitar. His father bought it on a yard sale a couple years ago. It is in good shape and does sound pretty good, to untrained ears, at least. We do not know the brand or maker of the guitar because we cannot find any logo or distinguishing features anywhere. The seller just told us her husband bought it for their son but that the young man rarely used it. So we went online to check. We clearly did not know what we were looking for so we just typed in acoustic guitar on the search bar. We were redirected to different websites with selections of acoustic guitar that will surely make a musically inclined person drool. We thought that the Ibanez Artwood musicians friend looks closer to what the little man owns but we are not really sure.A trained eye might be able to tell whether we are right or not. Unfortunately for us, we aren't so we couldn't tell. So it is here sitting under the little man's bed, still anonymous, lol. But he does use it from time to time even if it is too big for him to hold right.

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