Friday, August 24, 2012

slow computers

The little man sometimes complain about his computer being slow. He is not using a gaming computer so we are not surprised about it. It annoys him though especially when he is playing a game then the computer stalls and will not budge. He whines and cries and asks me (or daddy) how to speed up computer because it is making him "crazy". I do not know how to speed up a computer but buy a new one with bigger memory space and faster processor so I tell him that sometimes electronics act up and we just have to be patient with them. I cannot tell him we need a new one or he will be bugging us to buy a "better" computer. I must admit it is annoying when a computer is so slow when you are in a middle of doing something important online. I sometimes have to leave my computer to let it do its thing, hoping that when I come back it is already in a good "mood". I don't have a lot of luck on that regard but I cannot do anything about it right now. We will get a replacement as soon as it is financially possible.

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