Friday, August 3, 2012

shopping for him

When the husband saw his son's legs, he said he will not allow the little man to get outside of the house without wearing jeans. He does not care how hot it is, he wants his son's legs covered. I don't blame him, the little man's legs really look awful. The jeans will not only cover his legs but it will also stop him from scratching. Problem was, he only had one pair of jeans that fit. The rest were too tight. So we had to make a sudden trip to the mall with the plan to buy just jeans. We bought several pairs where I made sure to buy the size he can wear all summer then throughout winter. There is no point in buying him jeans that he will just outgrow in a matter of months. We got lucky because there was a sale going on since school is about to begin. We did not have to pay full price for the jeans. While we were at it, I also bought him shirts and socks. The shirts were really cheap. I bought him several shirts in different colors. I do not want to confine the little man to earth colors so I bought him shirts in red, yellow, green, and blue. He even got a Super Mario shirt which he would have traded for an Angry Birds shirt if he found one. Fortunately for me, he did not find any Angry Birds. He has a lot of new clothes now but I still want to buy more. Perhaps I will go back on the end of season sale so I can get more clothes for him. Maybe even buy some dresses for the little girl to wear next summer. I love shopping for my kids.

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