Thursday, August 2, 2012

on insurance

Have you ever notice that when you want information about any kind of insurance you always get to a page where you input information to get a quote? Or this is what I have experienced anyway. I know I could have used the phone to talk to a person, who may or may not provide me with the answers I am looking for, but I do not like to call. I would rather just do an online search then call when I find something I can be happy with. But I guess it is a trend anymore because most insurance brokers like equote insurance have that on their page as well. And a person who wants coverage will eventually have to talk to an agent. I am glad that I have the husband who deals with things like that because I found out that insurance talk is not for me. When an agent starts talking about HMO and PPO my brain shuts down and refuses to take any information anymore, lol. It is easier to just let somebody other than myself deal with insurance talk.

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