Sunday, August 26, 2012

new favorite

The little man was asked by his aunt what his favorite food is. He replied "putow". I did not even expect him to say it because even if he has been eating puto or steamed rice cake lately, it is far from his favorite. Or so I thought. He proved me wrong. He can eat 4-5 little rice cakes at a time that I have to make sure I already got mine and the little girl's share (I only make about a dozen at a time) before I call him to eat. Lol. It might be the cheese that I put on top of the mini-cake that draws him to it. Or it could be the rice flavor. I do not honestly know. I am happy though that he is finally trying to eat the food I like. I hope that this is the start of his foray into Filipino food. I am not holding my breath with him liking fried dried fish (it will really mean a lot if he does) but I will be happy if he eats or even tries every little dish or dessert I make without me threatening him with his life. That last part is of course pure exaggeration :) So, here is a picture of the "putow" he loves so much (for now anyway).


Jessica Cassidy said...

yummyyyyyyyyyyy "putow" kaau na Momi, nia ka recipe? Pwede mangayo? Returning from BPC

Lulu Post said...

oh my my i love these! I am glad my friend is too busy to make this because I can't resist them. Not making them means I am safe because I won't be eating them.

jheylo said...

lami dai?