Saturday, August 4, 2012

gone forever

The little man's pool had a hole in it and is now in the trash without him knowing it. He thinks that we just put it away for now. He asked about it the other day and I did not have the heart to say it is gone forever. He loves that pool even if he did have issues about getting tanned for being in it too long for days. He really thought it was the closest thing to a big pool. He even asked for googles so he can get under water for a long time and to protect his eyes when he "dives" in the pool. He was not allowed to dive because it was not only very shallow, he does not really know how to dive. He even talked about led pool lights so he can get in his little pool at night. He had fun in that inflatable pool. It is sad that it has to go after two years. I have been thinking of buying us a real pool. Something bigger so the whole family can get in it and have fun. Maybe the little man will even learn how to swim in it and perhaps learn how to dive. We sure have space, we just need the funds.

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