Thursday, August 9, 2012

gathering dust

About two years ago, the little man wanted to have a microphone so he can sing along with his favorite songs. The husband who wants to nurture his son's inclination to music/musical instrument, went out of his way to please his son. We spent days going to music stores to find the right microphone and when it did not bear good result, I ordered the microphones (I bought two) online. Then they decided to buy a microphone stand because they figured out that it was not easy to sing and play the guitar at the same time (duh!). So we looked for microphone stand in stores. He was ready to buy one that he thought was a microphone stand when he was told by the sales clerk that it was a fender speaker stand and not the one he wanted. Lol. It took a while but we did find what we wanted. The little man used it for a while until he got tired of it and now it is sitting in his room gathering dust. The microphones have long been packed and hidden because they were "not worth buying". I am thinking to buy something else for our singing galore but I will have to save for it. Maybe then we will be able to use the microphone stand.

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