Friday, July 27, 2012

no more electronics

I have often blogged about how the little man loves electronics. Perhaps because he sees us using electronics everyday. We let him get online to play his games. Sometimes he reads the news with daddy while sitting in his lap. He wants to use my phone but I do not let him get near it because I am afraid he will download apps that we need to pay for. He wanted a Kindle which I told him we do not need because we have enough electronics as it is. What he did was, he got online and apparently did some research because the next time he asked for it and was told no, he said how about buying him a Kobo ereader so he can buy kobo ebooks to read? I told him we will buy regular books for him for now because he is too young to be using an ereader. He knows he cannot win with me so he did not push it. For now, anyway. Lol. Round one for mommy!

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