Saturday, July 7, 2012

it is lost!

The little man is a busybody. Not only that, he is a one-(little)man demolition team. He can tear something in a span of minutes. Things that are of value to me and his father he tears up by either beating them to pieces or spilling juices all over. Some people said it is because he is a boy and boys do crazy things. But it is not good and we have tried to tell him to stop, even took his favorite toys away to let him know he did something wrong but it does not seem to work too long. So we have been "hiding" stuff from him. Like the shelves to our entertainment center. We have an entertainment center that is really elegant looking (all our friends said so) and we paid a good price for it (after we got rid of our old entertainment center with hinges hanging lose and sides peeled off). It has shelves but we did not put them in the entertainment center for fear that he will tear them up. The husband decided to hide them. Now that he thinks the little man is old enough to understand not to tear things apart, the husband wants to put the shelves where they belong. But alas, he could not find them nor could we find the screws and bolts that went with it. We have looked everywhere and at every box, still nothing. He got online to check about retail shelving units to see if he can order replacements but I don't think he has found any match. It is not going to be fun until we found the missing pieces to our entertainment center. I do hope we will though. As for the little man, he has been pretty good lately which I hope will continue. It is just that sometimes, he has to experiment. He likes to "fix" things which end up being broken or tore up. Maybe he will learn eventually.

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