Thursday, July 19, 2012

a good kuya

The little man was almost five years old when his sister was born. It took a while for him to warm up to the "new baby" because for the longest time he was the baby. He pretty much ruled the household since the day he was born. We did things and plan schedules around him so he will be happy (he was a fussy baby) and content. Then little sister came along and there was somebody else mommy has to take care of and be more protective of because she is such a skinny, fragile little thing. He used to tell me to "do something" with the baby when she cried or was fussy. He wanted all the attention again. Sadly, I could not give it all to him. I tried too, even now I still do. But I have two kids and they are both treated equal but sometimes the little girl gets more attention because she does need more help. I have talked to him and I still talk to him to let him know why and how things work and thankfully he seems to understand already. He even helps me now with cleaning up after the little girl's mess. He also helps watch her although sometimes he does get carried away and forgets that sissy is still a baby and that he cannot be rough with her. He is doing good though. He has come a long way. I am happy that the little man is starting to realize that sissy is not competition, she is his sister. Oh, they do get into it sometimes because for some reason the little girl likes to mess with his toys but ever since he realized that she does not plan on running off with his toys and claiming it to be hers he was fine with it. He just picks up the toys where she leaves them then return them to the little boxes they were with in his room. I am proud of our kuya. It probably is not easy having to deal with somebody who has her nose on most of his business but he is doing pretty good. I hope he will continue to be good to her because I am starting to think that she is a handful, lol.

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