Saturday, June 30, 2012

not cool

Since it started getting hot, we have had an inflatable pool set up for the little man. He can get in it anytime he wants, provided an adult is with him while he plays in his little pool. He enjoys playing in that pool by himself. He even had his father buy him a pair of swimming googles so he can "dive" and see underwater. It is one of the things he loves to do, getting in the water. His father put in a beach umbrella on one side of the pool so his son will have a shady spot when it gets too hot. Everything was good until the day I gave him a bath and he saw how tanned he was. I am telling you he was tanned everywhere save for the area covered by the swimming shorts he wears all the time he gets in the water. He was not happy with it. He said he was too dark and he wants his "color" back. I told him having a tan is normal because it is hot after all. I even told him it is cool. He won't have that. The only thing that save him from acting nuts was when I told him the tan will go away in a few weeks. He has never been in the pool since then. He knows he can get in it anytime he wants. We even encourage him to play in the pool but he does not show any interest. I am not forcing him to do what he does not want to do but I hope he will get over this crazy spell. The husband said that his son will get over it. I hope so. He is too young to be vain.

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