Monday, June 11, 2012

a new toy

Since the little man has been good lately, I decided to get him a new toy. A new electronic, actually. I bought him a nintendo dsi xl. It has a large screen, it can get online (as long as there is free wi-fi available) and it has pre-installed Math games which was the main reason I wanted to get it for him. I did not buy any games nor did I give him back the old games that his aunt gave him when she bought him a ds lite. I want him to play with the features that is in the dsi xl because he loves to record his voice using the touchpad and since the dsi xl has that he can just use it instead. He also can take pictures with the game system, play the pre-installed games, then get online when he can. It is pretty cool. I hope he will have a good time playing with the game system without tearing it up :)

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