Wednesday, June 27, 2012

new flip flops

The little man lost his last pair of flip flops while running around the garden (don't even ask me how it happened, lol) yesterday. Since then he has been wearing a cheap pair of shoes we brought from Florida last year because he refuses to wear his sneakers saying it is too hot. He does have a point and his father who has seen his son wear shoes that looked uncomfortable to him decided it is time to buy his son not one pair of flip flops but two. He said it will be best to get the same design should his son loses one pair. So off we went to the store. We did buy the little man two pairs of flip flops but not without complaining about the price. Just when did flip flops get so expensive? If I remember it right, I bought my flip flops two years ago for less than five dollars. His cost $8 a pair and that is after discount. Unreal! If shipping is not too expensive I might have to ask my mother to send me flip flops from the Philippines because I think they are still sold cheap there. Anyway, he now has two pair of flip flops he can lose when he feels like it, lol. I will try to keep an eye on these two though because I would like them to last for a while.

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