Thursday, June 21, 2012

man stuff

We went to the store the other day to buy stuff we need in the house. The husband loves to browse around the section that sells all kinds of "man" stuff. I do not even know if it is hardware or what, lol. I just follow him around as he looks at items that he does not really need but would like to have. He was looking at welding stuff to see if there are any miller products for welding. I do not know why he was looking at a particular brand but he did. He never bought any, like I said he was just looking like he always does when we are at the store and we are not in a hurry. I am glad too that he did not buy anything because we already have a lot of things he bought that he has not even used. He mainly buys items that are on sale because they are cheaper even if it is of no use to him. He does turn around and sells said items online when he is ready but he is not doing it fast enough.

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