Monday, June 11, 2012

a good source of information

The little man is daddy's little helper. Or he tries to be although most of the time he just gets in the way, lol. He likes to know what daddy is doing which is good because it means he is occupied somewhere and I can get things done. The husband is good when it comes to dealing with the little man. He talks to him and explains things as long as he is not in a hurry. This is how the little man knows (aside from his online games of building houses and stuff) about tools and things like a captive screw, among others. With his sharp memory, he is able to keep up with his father's explanation and so he tags along. Of course he gets bored and his attention goes elsewhere but he always comes back to ask his father about some things. He has figured out that daddy is a lot better source of information than mommy :)

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