Friday, May 4, 2012

she is not doing it again

A friend got pregnant just months before I got pregnant with my second child. She said she had a good pregnancy but she did not like the fact that she had to go for several blood test in Philadelphia (where she lives) but I told her they do conduct blood tests. I think I had two each pregnancy. I am not very sure though because I am not good at remembering events or schedules especially when it hurts me in any way. She also had a c-section because she is tiny like me but she had a gorgeous baby boy. When I asked her if she wanted another baby, she said not anymore. She had a lot of reasons but mainly because she said she does not want to go through another pregnancy again. I don't blame her. It is not easy getting pregnant then having to go through a lot of OB visits. I told the husband I am not getting pregnant again either. Not because I am afraid of tests or getting pregnant but because two kids are all I can handle. And he agrees.

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