Sunday, May 6, 2012

reading is good

One of the things that can make the little man settle down is a good book. Childrens book, at that. It does not have to be illustrated as long as it is a story, he reads it. He can sit for hours just reading book after book. He only comes up for air when he encounters a word he cannot read or does not understand. Then he goes back to reading. He reads to his father. He also reads to his sister especially when she is fussy and I could not get to her right away. The little girl loves it when she is being read a book and normally settles down as long as she is not either dirty or hungry. I love it that my son loves reading because it will help his vocabulary and his imagination as well. I also love to read and has introduced him to the wonders of reading. I hope he will continue his enthusiasm and that he will learn more from the books he read. I know we will nurture his desire to read by buying him more books he will enjoy.

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