Friday, May 4, 2012

crazy about angry birds, again!

The little man got it into his head to play Angry Birds (again) and not only win every level but also get three stars on each. He does try to play the game but when he could not win it, he either follows me around or aggravate his father to play the game for him. It is annoying if I am busy but I sometimes find myself playing the game and enjoying it, that is if I win. If I lose, that is another story. The husband does the same thing. If it gets too bad, I do not charge the touchpad so we do not have to play the game for a few hours at least. The little man of course bugs me nonstop to give him the charger but he knows I do not give especially when it is not good for him or us. It is a good thing that he has other toys he can play with so he forgets about the game quick enough. Until, that is, he gets bored. Then mommy has to find something else for us to do. Anything to keep him occupied.

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