Friday, May 4, 2012

another trinket

The other day, the husband's older son came by to visit. He has made it a habit ever since we now live near where he lives. He mainly just stays a few hours to talk or help with yard work, if asked. He always has little trinkets for the little man to play with and the latter loves it. This last time he brought us, or his younger brother, a tv mount. He said he got it from a friend who bought all new stands & mounts for his televisions at home after he renovated his house. He only brought one and it is really slim and elegant but just thinking about putting that thing in the little man's room makes me cringe. I know for a fact it will not last looking that good for long. And the worse thing is that he is liable to climb up on it and get hurt. I know I sound negative and paranoid but I know what my son is capable of. We might just have to find a place for that television stand somewhere else in the house. Away from grubby little hands where everybody will be safe.

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