Sunday, April 1, 2012

wellness mat

The house that the husband bought has laminate wood floors. As much as I like how they look and feel when walked on, I found out it is hard to keep it clean. Especially if the area is close to two thousand square feet, and there are two muffins hard at work at making a mess. I am not complaining okay, just stating a fact, lol. I already have plans on bringing in our old rugs to use but I also plan on buying new stuff for the floor like Wellness Mats that seem to look good on the pictures I have seen of them online. Who knows they might even be comfortable to stand on while I am cooking or doing something in the sink that requires longer periods of time to finish. I do hope they are a bit more affordable though because with everything so expensive anymore I might have to cut some corners to get the things I want. This could mean a few items that will not make it on the list because I have to consider what is important first. If only I won the megamillion then money would not have been an issue :)

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