Thursday, April 26, 2012

a major surgery

One of the little man's aunt underwent surgery just a few months ago. She had blockage on her artery that her doctor said had to be taken out. She was under for hours and it was tense because it was the first time somebody in her family was having a major surgery. When we visited her weeks after her surgery she was so weak and still was recovering. She recounted her experience as something like having spinal surgery but she did not elaborate why. At the time she said she did not want to do it ever again but a week later she was told they needed to get her under again to "rearrange" her since she was complaining of digestive problems. She eventually recovered from that but now she is scheduled for another surgery and that is for her kidneys. We think that is a lot of surgery in just a matter of months but the doctors insist it is something she has to do. We hope she will have speedy recovery and that she will be fine after her last surgery.

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