Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bad people go to jail. Good people go to McDonalds.   ~the little man~

See how fun it is to have a five year old? Lol. We never know what he will come up with. Sometimes it is embarrassing to even repeat here but most of the time it is hilarious. He uttered the words above when he wanted us to go to a McDonalds drive-thru. He was really bad that day that I told him we are not going to reward his bad behavior by doing what he wants. He has to behave and be good, at all times, to make his parents happy and proud of his behavior. We had a long and interesting talk and in the middle of it was when he said the words. His father who was just listening burst out laughing at his son's "ingenuity" as he called it. And that, folks, is just a part of my day dealing with my smart and smart-mouthed kid :)

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