Wednesday, March 7, 2012

silly little man

I heard the little man giggling and having so much fun so I checked what he was up to. Well, he was in his sister's playpen playing. It was funny to look at him trying to fit in and play inside the playpen but I did not say anything because I did not want to embarrass him. The little girl was in her bed taking a nap while this happened so I did not feel the need to make him get out until he was ready. What is ironic is that when he was a toddler he hated being in a playpen. He learned how to climb out of the playpen way before he learned how to walk which scared me senseless worrying that he will get hurt. As it was, he did not get hurt but I rarely would put him in the playpen anyway to minimize the danger of him falling over. I hope he will not get inside the playpen when the little girl is in it. But then, I think he will not do it since he still has a little bit of that jealousy going on that there are times he does not want to get near the little girl. We are trying to get rid of that bad feeling but it may take some time before it happens.

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