Thursday, March 29, 2012

a new game

The little man's aunt bought him a new nintendo ds. He had been asking me for one for so long that every time his aunt hears about it she asked me why I would not do it. I told her it is not time to get him one yet. So she took it upon herself to make the little man happy, she bought him a new ds lite with games. Oh, he was static! He loves his ds. But like most kids, he is not very good with keeping track of his games and stylus. I have been hunting games and styluses since he had the game which is driving me buggy. I thought that since he loves the game so much he would treat them like winners would with their trophies but I am wrong. When he gets tired of playing a game, he takes it out then just leaves it anywhere he feels like and then comes back to me later on to ask if I have seen it. I am at a point to where if he asks me again where his games are or his stylus, that I will just go ahead and hide the thing to keep my sanity. The husband who sees all these going on laughed at me and said this is what I get for allowing his sister to buy a game for the little man. Sigh! Now it is all my fault. Electronic games shouldn't have been invented. Don't you think?

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