Friday, March 30, 2012

he made a mess

I have been working on a project for two weeks. It is to paint the living room and the kitchen of the house we bought. I coated it with primer three times before doing the final coat. It took me two weeks because it is a pretty big space plus the fact that I had to let the paint dry. So when the day I had to do the final coat I was so excited. I finally will be able to finish it up and be done with painting for a while. It was beautiful but for some reason the pictures do not do it justice. To see the walls with the sun shining in it is just amazing though. Anyway, guess how long that beautiful work of art lasted? Less than a week! The little man found a pencil and wrote these things on the wall.

I don't even know what it means. Could have been from one of his games. It is awful. I feel like crying. All that work and here is the result. No appreciation at all. Thank goodness it can be wiped clean and whatever will not come off will just have to be painted over. The husband who knows what his son is capable of bought an extra gallon of paint for times like this. I should have known to be prepared but it slipped my mind. I hope he will not do it again like he promised. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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