Tuesday, March 27, 2012

electronically advanced?

If there ever is such phrase, lol. The little man is quite advanced for his age when it comes to electronics. He started using the computer when he was two and has not stopped since. I can actually trust him in the computer because he can read well and understands what he reads so he does not just click any prompts that come up on the screen. He normally just ignores pop-ups (those that slip through the blocker) or yells for help when he thinks I need to be informed. He likes anything new when it comes to electronics. When I had my first cellphone that I was able to use to get online he had been talking about buying a blackberry phone which he apparently saw on ads when he surfed the internet. He has his own laptop and a touchpad but when he saw a friend's daughter with a Kindle last Christmas his face lit up and keeps on reminding me every day how great it will be to have one (no luck on that one since daddy said we are not buying). Then he said he wants a smartphone too because I don't let him use mine. He is something else and I am hoping that he will continue to want to learn. Being updated with what is new on the market is good as long as he does not end up asking his parents to buy every thing he sees. He has been trying but we keep on telling him there is buying and then there is admiring. These are different things and one does not cost any. Hopefully he will eventually understand the difference.

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