Wednesday, March 21, 2012

earrings for the little man?

When I learned that the little man was a boy, I started planning about the things I will buy him when he was born. High on my list was an earring. Just one, for his left ear. I don't know what got into me but at the time I thought it was cute. Of course I did not get to do it because the husband will not let me but I actually spent days looking for earrings for baby boys, which I did not find. What I found were a variety of Diamond Earrings for men which was not what I wanted. I could have bought one for the husband but if he did not want me to buy an earring for his son I was positive he will say no if I bought him an earring. I am glad now that I did not do it though because how would I have explained the earring to his pediatrician? Lol. Or to other people who will surely ask what I (or the husband) was thinking. Now I am hoping he will not want to have any piercings when he gets older. If I will not tell him about my madness then maybe he cannot use that against me should a discussion about earrings and the like arise. I hope.

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