Friday, March 23, 2012

big holes

I don't know what's with the little man or what he does with them but his jeans have holes on the knees. Out of the four new jeans I bought for him for the winter, only one remains intact. It is a shame really since I bought the jeans a size bigger thinking he will be able to use them come fall but the rate the jeans are tearing up, there is no way it is going to happen. He is getting expensive. When I asked him what he did he just said he did not know what happened, that he just saw the holes in his jeans. I know he will not admit to tearing them up or doing anything to cause it but I still wanted to ask him. His jeans are mostly made of heavy denim that could have lasted a while. Sigh! I will need to buy him more jeans but I am hoping it will not get tear up after just a few weeks of use. Jeans are kinda expensive and it will really help if they will not "magically" just get holes in them. Here's hoping that I will find little boy jeans on sale at the end of season sale in stores.

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Lynn said...

That's amusing. Maybe he just wanted you to shop for him all the time. LOL.

Thanks for the visit. Happy Tuesday!