Saturday, February 4, 2012

walking is fun

A few months after I gave birth, I walked a lot. It was not so hard to do because it was Spring so walking was actually fun. I used to put the little girl's car seat in a standard stroller then we would cruise down the park to make several laps. The little man went with us but halfway through he complains about being so tired and asked if he could ride in his sister's stroller. It is hard to do but he managed to do it but not without hardship on my part that I actually thought of buying a double stroller. Thankfully I did not have too. He got used to the walks and was able to keep up. I hope he is still up to it because as soon as it gets warm I will be hitting the tracks again. I like it better to walk outside than to walk on the treadmill. It is more fun being outdoors that I hardly notice the time whereas I count every minute when I am walking on the treadmill. I think I will try to work on getting fit this year.

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