Monday, February 27, 2012


When we went on vacation this last time, the little man did good in the pool. He stayed in the kiddie pool even if he wanted to be with the other kids because he was afraid of the deep water. He did practice using the inflatable tube that one of the kids loaned him and I should say he is improving. Barely a year ago he was screaming for his life when we made him get in the big pool even with a tube and his father with him. This last time he had a good time. I am starting to believe that the next time we get the chance to be in a pool he might just get in without fear. I hope. Anyway, since it was warm and sunny that day, I lounged at the poolside a few minutes at a time (I did not want to get too dark) to enjoy the warmth. I wanted to get in the spa but for some reason it was not available and a spa cover was on it. The husband wanted me to get in the pool but I don't know how to swim so I avoid it when he is not in it with me. So you see now why I want the little man to not be afraid of the water? Because I am and it is not healthy. When he gets a little older I might even encourage the husband to enroll the little man in a swimming class. He needs to learn to swim so he will not be like his mommy who never learned to swim as a child and is now too old to learn.

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