Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last month, the little man was all about pizza. He wanted us to either order online or make one but since we had most of the ingredients in our kitchen I decided to prepare our very own pizza. We found substitute for the ingredients we did not have and made the "best home-made pizza" ever. That is according to my boys, lol. Shown below is the first pizza we made. It had mushrooms (my personal favorite), sausage, two kinds of cheese, pizza sauce we also prepared, and the dough (of course). It is not really complicated to make that we actually did it twice already. The little man's favorite is the cheese pizza. He is okay with pepperoni too. As for me, I liked the mushroom and the bread. Odd, I know. I have a picture of the cheese pizza but I could not locate it so I am giving you a glimpse of the "best sausage pizza" made by me and my family.


April said...

Looks tasty :D I love making homemade pizza

Pearl said...

I bet this is more healthy and has a lot less salt than the commercial pizza! yummy!