Thursday, February 23, 2012

his musical instruments

The little man still plays with his musical instrument. Right now he is playing with his portable piano and is discovering the sounds that comes out of it. I hear him giggling which reminds me he is still a kid. He does make me forget how young he is with the things he does and says sometimes. I know the room he is in will be a mess in a matter of minutes but at least he is happy and occupied. I know he will be digging his other musical instruments in there like his toy drums and his favorite guitar which is father bought for him last year. It is not a les paul guitar which is what he wants (he has always asked for an electric guitar) but he likes it and it does its job well for now. I hope he will not come down and tell me to help him play the instruments or it will really start an argument because he never gives up. Maybe I will get lucky today :)

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