Friday, February 3, 2012

his big project

The little man asked me to help him dismantle his marble run. I asked him why and he told me so he could get busy building it back up again. That sounded like a good idea so I readily helped him dismantle the toy. It is a pretty sturdy marble run with really tough parts unlike his old one and he wanted me to take every piece apart. I think it is more work to do this than building it back again. My fingers hurt halfway through the process but my boy is happy so am I. He is still building it now, putting the pieces together with the help of the manual that came with the toy. I hope I will not hear whining later today about not being able to put the marble run together or missing parts. He is like any other 5 year old, he is messy and he scatters his toys all over the place then asks me if I know where they are at. I guess I will have to put off vacuuming the carpet for a while until he is ready for me to. I need to get busy with something else too so ciao for now. Happy weekend!

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