Saturday, February 11, 2012


Tearing up the little man's perfectly working marble run with the idea of letting him re-build it was not good. In fact, it was bad. A week after the toy was disassembled and it is still that, disassembled. He had asked for help in putting the complicated parts together which I did at the beginning but it got old and so I told him he will have to do it by himself before I throw the thing away. See, he builds the marble run with my help but halfway through when he is not happy with something he knocks it down in anger and pieces fly everywhere. After doing that a couple times I said no, I am not helping and crying or begging will not do him any good. He knows not to mess with me when I am annoyed so he has been doing it. Well, doing the same thing, building the marble run a piece at a time then tearing it to pieces before he finishes with it. Somehow I think that was the idea of why we disassembled the toy to begin with, not to build it but to knock it down before it is finished. Something only a five year old mind can process. Anyway, I would rather window shop online to know where I can get campaign signs cheap than to help him achieve nothing. I do not really need campaign signs but you get the idea. He has left the box with the pieces of his marble run in it and is concentrating on playing with Wii Sports. The little girl is the one messing with it which I hope will not cause trouble if he cannot find the pieces he wants should he decide to pursue building it again. Maybe he will build the marble run back again one of these days, provided the parts are still around.

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