Sunday, January 22, 2012

so many questions

The little man asks a lot of questions. He does this on a daily basis from the moment he gets up to the time he gets to bed. It is good that he wants to know a lot of things but there are times he asks even if he knows just so when I say I am not sure of the answer he will tell me straight away. I must admit it is tiring to listen and answer to his questions but I can tell at a lot of times he really is interested to learn. So I try to give him accurate answers as possible. He asks questions like if I am his father's wife, or what are test sieves (questions like this comes from his interactions online), to what pronoun he needs to use to call his little sister, or what my favorite color is. Then he asks me about sports terms he learned from playing Wii sports on his Nintendo Wii. There are times I direct him to his father for answers. The husband can better answer questions about sports than I do so I am stirring him in the right direction. He is asking more pertinent questions every day though and I am almost afraid when he asks me personal questions. I am not ready for those yet. In fact, I am not ready for some of his questions but I don't really have a choice but tell him anyway. I am now starting to realize why I was sent to school with my dad (he was a teacher) when I was the little man's age. I was told at the time I asked so many questions which I thought there was nothing wrong about. Now I know my mom just wanted to have some peace and quiet while taking care of a newborn. I guess I am raising a mini-me :)

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