Sunday, January 8, 2012

he needs a haircut

But he will not allow us to cut his hair. Not even a trim. Ever since his first haircut, the little man has been vocal about his dislike for a haircut. He cried, he screamed, he kicked, he tried to run away. Imagine the stress we have to go through just for a haircut. I asked him why he does not like his hair to be cut and he told me it hurts. When I told him it does not, he said that yes it does. It hurts him when his hair is cut. I think he means emotionally. I can totally relate. When I was a little kid I used to despise having my hair cut. I wanted my parents to just leave my hair alone so it will grow long like all the other girls in school but I was told it was not hygienic so it was cut, about twice a year, every year. I cried every time it was done but there was nothing I can do about it. I know I need to be sympathetic to the little man's feelings but I don't want to do it at the cost of his looking unkempt. I will try to talk him into having a trim and then if he is up to it, a haircut. I better be good at explaining things to him though so he will understand and the experience will not be too painful for him nor will it be stressful for us. I hope.

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